Road Trip Adventure

I leave for my road trip on September 8 or 9. The plan is to take four weeks to make it to Madison, WI. Molly eagerly awaits my arrival as she has been living in Madison since June.

The rough plan is below. It’s subject to change depending on wildfires, how much I am enjoying myself, and anything else that may happen. The key areas I want to see are Crater Lake, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, parks in Utah, and my friend in Austin.

The accommodations will be mostly in my Subaru Forester. A big thanks go to my best friend, Patrick, and his brother-in-law. They helped build the platform below. I’m terrible with tools, so it is a good thing I had their help. On the right side is 6 inches of memory foam. I’ve yet to sleep in it, but it’s a good thing I’m not usually claustrophobic. On the left will go my clothes, fridge, and battery to power the fridge.

As needed, I’ll stay in hotels. As someone who has never loved backpacking, but loves nature and hiking, this will be an adventure. I’m really curious to see the ratio of car sleeping nights versus hotel nights.

When I load the car next week, it will be full, including my rooftop box. I even have my outdoor standing desk. It’s not the most secure, so I’ll see how much I use it.

I’ll try my best to continue updating this page as I go along. I’m also going to continue my weekly blogging at If you have suggestions of places to see along my route, please let me know!