Day 4 and Part of Day 5 (to St. George, UT and then BLM land outside of Zion)

This was an easier day of driving. I lounged around my hotel until about 10 a.m. to catch up on writing, planning the next few days, and a few other things. It actually requires a fair amount of time to determine where I am going to camp, where to get food, and what to see.

I don’t have any cool pictures to show. It was around 100 degrees in St. George, so I didn’t do much but stay in my hotel room. It was a good day of rest and planning. It only took about two hours to make it to St. George, and I crossed a time zone, which meant I lost an hour during the day. It’s odd to be driving and all of the sudden lose an hour. It’s also odd to know the drive takes 2 hours, but it shows as three hours later when you leave.

I’ve officially decided to cross Wyoming off the list. If I need to be in Madison by October 9 for Molly’s week off, I’ll feel rushed trying to make it to Wyoming. I already think I’ll be in Utah for the next week as I explore five national parks and hike. From there, I’ll go to Colorado, and I could see that taking about a week. I’ll probably do a quick trip through New Mexico to Big Bend, TX, and then cross over to Austin to visit a friend.

I still need to decide which states to travel through from Texas to Madison. Does anybody have recommendations?

I have a call soon for the project I am working on next and from there, I may try to do a hike in Zion, depending on temperatures. I plan to do The Narrows tomorrow. The idea of hiking constantly in a river does not sound appealing, but it looks beautiful, and I feel like I have to do it while I am here. Flash floods aren’t expected, so that is good.

I may try to do Angel’s Landing today if it’s not too hot or do it Wednesday. Or, I may not do it all as I am terrified of heights. We’ll see.