Day 21 (Big Bend to Austin)

I left in the morning, making a meal of beef jerky and a protein bar, since I had to toss my yogurt.

I drove through part of Texas, and there is not much to report other than the Big Bend area and leaving it is beautiful.

Unfortunately, a rock hit my windshield and started a good crack through about one third of my windshield. If the rock had hit even an inch to the right, it would have missed the windshield.

That was a bummer because it’s likely around $1,000 to replace.

I arrived in Austin to my friend Vanessa and her partner, Miguel, where I’ll be staying a few days.

It’s wonderful seeing people I know and staying in the same place for a few days. We got Asian food for dinner because I haven’t had any on the trip and since I left Seattle, I probably won’t get really good Asian food for some time.