Day 19 (Carlsbad, NM to Big Bend, TX)

I started the day wondering if I was going to be able to go in Carlsbad Caverns because the power had gone out two days prior and had been closed. Thankfully, they posted on Facebook that the power was back on, so I made my way over.

The caverns were spectacular. It’s amazing some of the formations I was seeing had been growing for 500,000 years. I hiked down into the cavern instead of taking the elevator and took the elevator back up.

It’s strange how watching the bats and the Great Sand Dunes were not on my original list, but were some of the most amazing experiences.

After finishing at the caverns, I made my way to Big Bend National Park, where I had book a campsite (my first one of the trip). I was staying at Chisos Basin.

I arrived and got the quick spiel from the camp hosts. Don’t spit your toothpaste because bears love it. Keep all food locked up in your car or provided bear container.

Thankfully, I was staying in my car, so I didn’t have much to worry about.