Day 26 (Pittsburg, Kansas to Madison, WI)

Another long day of driving (about 9.5 hours). I had told Molly I was staying in Dallas last night because I wanted to surprise her. I told her I planned to be in Madison by Friday. After a long day of driving, I made it to Madison. I picked up a few groceries and waited … Read More

Day 25 (Austin to Pittsburg, Kansas)

After researching what there is to do between Texas and Wisconsin, I decided to make the trip a quick one and surprise Molly. I left Austin in the morning and drove to Dallas to meet an advisor who is part of the AGC, an advisor group of which we are both members. We met for … Read More

Day 24 (Austin)

Sunday was a lazy day. We hung out, chatted, and caught up on life stuff. It was good taking time to relax after the past few weeks.

Day 23 (Austin)

One of my favorite activities in Austin is eating. They have so much good food, and a great variety. We started the day at Cosmic, which is a place we went many years ago when I first came to Austin. It’s a coffee, alcohol, food garden. They have a few food trucks in a beautiful … Read More

Day 22 (Austin)

Today, I had two things planned: a NAPFA peer review and picking up BBQ from Franklin’s. I am joining a fee-only financial association, and I had to meet with a current member as part of the process to get accepted. It was a really good conversation. I also ordered 2 lbs of brisket, 2 lbs … Read More

Day 21 (Big Bend to Austin)

I left in the morning, making a meal of beef jerky and a protein bar, since I had to toss my yogurt. I drove through part of Texas, and there is not much to report other than the Big Bend area and leaving it is beautiful. Unfortunately, a rock hit my windshield and started a … Read More

Day 20 (Big Bend National Park)

I realized the sun rises much later. It’s weird going through different time zones and being in different geographic locations within the time zone because it affects the sunrise and sunset. I was asking Google quite a bit when the sun rose and set. I had booked a canoe/kayak river trip for today. I was … Read More

Day 19 (Carlsbad, NM to Big Bend, TX)

I started the day wondering if I was going to be able to go in Carlsbad Caverns because the power had gone out two days prior and had been closed. Thankfully, they posted on Facebook that the power was back on, so I made my way over. The caverns were spectacular. It’s amazing some of … Read More

Day 19 (Durango to Carlsbad, NM)

This was a long day of driving. I left very early in the morning and drove through most of New Mexico. I found it fascinating going through “oil country.” The smell, the rigs drilling, and everything was strange. The housing seemed depressing. Some people brought their trailers. I’ve seen more pick ups south of Carlsbad … Read More

Day 18 (Durango, CO)

Last night I was treated to dinner by my mentor in my Registered Life Planner training. He is a local to Durango, and it was strange being in a city on a Saturday night. We had a nice meal and listened to some music in the evening. Real estate values are very high in Durango. … Read More